New Iberia Roofing is the standard in certified and licensed roofing solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Our attention to quality has shown time and time again that homeowners in New Iberia and Iberia parish turn to us for their roofing repair and installation needs. We proudly serve New Iberia, the surrounding communities, and all of Iberia parish.

Our crew is simply the best! Friends on and off work look after each other at the workplace and hold each other accountable. When we’re installing a commercial grade roof in New Iberia, our team relies on each other to make smart and efficient decisions to accomplish the task correctly. All of our employees are certified in their respective fields and we encourage continued education. There are always new methods and products on the market for more efficient roofing, and we want to stay ahead of the game. Our plan is to give our customers a top-of-the-line, valuable service that can not be matched by the competition.

We strive to maintain fair and competitive prices for this market and industry. Roof installation or repair isn’t a service that the customer want’s to call for. Honestly, we understand it’s a hassle to have to worry about your roof. We aim to keep labor and products to as low a price as possible while holding true to the quality and standards we believe in. We have always offered a free estimate for all our roofing services. Feel free to call or email our team, and we can put together a fair quote specifically for your home or business.